Saturday, May 30, 2015

Please support the Japanese Mayuyu crowdfunding project (ends on June 2 at 11.59pm JST!) UPDATE: CROWDFUNDING CLOSED


The Japanese Mayu fans are organising a joint "vote by proxy" crowdfunding effort. They are sourcing the funds to pay for the CDs and voting slips through the Yahoo! PassMarket site.

For those of you who can read Japanese, you can see an explanation of their plan here.

The ones banding together behind this effort are various Mayu fans, Mayu-supporting Twitter accounts, groups and sites which you should be familiar with. They call themselves the 「渡辺麻友総選挙応援団」 "Watanabe Mayu general election supporters group" and are made up of:

まゆプラネットMayu Planet
まゆゆ@練習中 Mayuyu no Renshuuchu
えいいちHAのまゆゆ推しブログ EiichiHA's Mayuyu Oshi Blog
渡辺麻友激推し 麻友のために Watanabe Mayu Gekioshi Mayu no Tameni
まゆゆ論 MayuyuRon
AKB48メモランダム AKB48 Memorandum
まやまゆま@まゆ通職人 Mayamayuma
AKB48 渡辺麻友エピソードまとめブログ AKB48 Watanabe Mayu Episode Matome Blog

If you still want to vote for Mayu but don't want to deal with stacks of CDs, go directly to this page (pay with credit card).

You can donate by paying for a "PassMarket digital ticket" with your choice of amount. You do not need a Yahoo! Japan login ID to do so. There are 6 fixed amounts to choose from to help the crowdfunding effort: ¥500, ¥1,000, ¥5,000, ¥10,000, ¥50,000 or ¥100,000.

You can combine a number of digital tickets as part of your donation eg ¥1,000 + ¥500 = ¥1,500 and so on.

The Japanese fans will consolidate the donations and handle the rest (buying singles, keying in codes in voting slips etc).

I have prepared a guide to the application site through screencaps of my own application:

 If your application times out, you will see this screen:

The Mayuyu sousenkyo crowdfunding effort closes at June 2 11.59pm JST. If you want to give Mayu a chance and have yet to do anything about it, please help. Every vote counts. Let's give Mayuyu one last push and make her No 1 again! Thank you!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The second way to vote for Mayu - GekijoBan CD -

In former post, we introduce Nihon-hashira fan club to vote for Mayu.
Today, we introduce about GekijoBan CD.

What's GekijoBan CD

  • 1 form of AKB48 CD including election ticket.
  • Cheaper than Nihon-hashira (1st year) (GekijoBan CD is about 1000 yen) but available only to Japan residence. So, please ask your friends living in Japan to purchase CD.

How to purchase

  • To purchase GekijoBan CD, you may (1) create an account, (2) apply, (3) receive lottery result (the number of CD available) and (4) pay.
  • Period of apply and pay is short. Please take care not to miss it.
  • All process is as follow.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why don't you ready to vote for Watanabe Mayu - Introduction of Nihon Hashira fan club


The season of senbatsu election will come soon...
In this year, it is very important for Mayu-oshi to win 1st prize.

It is because Mayu will be first person in the history if she win 1st prize in 2 consecutive years. This fact give Mayu great honor and we will see Mayu in various program (variety show, drama, movie, new single performance, etc.).

So, let's start preparing for senbatsu election.

Overview of how to vote for Mayu

There are three main methods to vote outside of Japan.

  1. Buy CD
  2. Join 二本柱の会 (Nihon-Hashira)
  3. Buy tickets from other guy.

This post introduce about Nihon-Hashira.

For another method to vote Mayu, please check following link.

What is the Nihon-Hashira, How to join

Nihon-Hashira is official fan club of AKB48, and 1 account can be used for 1 vote.
You can join the club totally by yourself using Credit card. 
In addition to, Nihon-Hashira is only way to start preparing right now.


1 problem is we don't know all information which card can be used for.
It may depend on not only on card brand but also issuer.
For example, if your friend's VISA card is not rejected, there is some possibility your VISA card can be used.
Please give us your feedback about your card brand, company, country and Usable/Not Usable.

Current Information

   #     Country       Brand     Issuer                   Usability
   1     Taiwan        JCB        ??                         Usable
   2     Singapore   VISA       Singapore bank    Not Usable
   3     Singapore   Master    Singapore bank    Not Usable

Anyway, process is as follows.