Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Vote for Mayuyu

AKB48 are holding their 6th election, to decide the senbatsu members for their 37th single, (and probably  who gets to appear in a related bikini photobook).

The event itself will take place on 7th June 2014 at the Ajinomoto Stadium.

Voting period:  20th May 2014 10:00 JST -  6th June  2014 15:00 JST

Please vote as many times as you can afford to for Mayuyu. First we will describe the official options for getting a vote, describe the pros and cons for overseas/international fans, then list some resellers we trust personally who are selling votes for Mayuyu and are the cheapest option for international fans.

Please also see the Japanese Mayu campaign website:
And their election poster page for graphics:

Methods of getting a vote:

1. AKB48 36th single "Labrador Retriever" CD
   a) Theatre Edition - 1,028 yen:  (Japan only or by proxy service)
   b) Regular/Limited Edition - 1,646 yen: (6 editions available, can be ordered overseas, release date is 21st May, see links in section below)
2. AKB48 Group mobile fanclubs
  a) AKB48 Mobile, SKE48 Mobile, NMB48 mobile/smartphone, HKT48 Mobile - 324 yen: (can subscribe to all four, Japan only)
  b) AKB48 iPhone app  - 300 yen (Japanese iTunes account + credit needed)
3. AKB48 official fan club "Nihonbashiranokai" member
   First year 1,480 yen, following years 630 yen: (some international credit cards might work for payment)
4. Live On Demand Subscription
   One vote per monthly subscription to AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 - 3,066 yen (Japanese VPN/proxy needed, some international credit cards might work for payment)
   1,480 yen (Japan only, this is a Japanese Internet Service Provider)

As you can see, the cheapest way of buying votes is through the mobile fanclubs, which are limited to those in Japan only. If you are going to vote multiple years in a row, the second cheapest option is to subscribe to the Nihonbashiranokai fanclub - technically you can subscribe from multiple email accounts, and some international credit cards have been known to work for payment.

The next cheapest option is the Theatre Edition CDs - however, to purchase from abroad you have to order via a deputy service such as Tenso which adds fees, and shipping costs.

The standard option is to order the limited/regular edition CDs off of (CDJapanHMVAmazon, etc). These will cost you 1,646 yen or less per vote, + shipping. It is important to remember the voting deadline of 6th June. The CD is released on the 21st May, so you need shipping that is fast enough to get to you on time. This will add to the cost, plus any customs fees that you are liable to pay. It is advisable not to bulk buy these CDs in order to obtain multiple votes as that is a very expensive option compared to others. This image shows how for the same money you can get much more votes via other methods:

Another option is to buy votes from auction sites. eBay might have some, and Yahoo Japan Auctions definitely will have lots of them - however, in order to buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions from abroad, you have to use a deputy service like FromJapan, which incurs more fees. Also make sure to purchase from auctions which will email you the codes, and not ship them to you.

As such, the following fan project has been set up to buy votes for Mayuyu through ithebigc, one of the moderators from Stage48 who currently is residing in Japan and can bulk buy the theatre edition:

1) ithebigc’s Sousenkyo 2014 Voting Codes
Price: 8 USD/vote (+6% paypal international transaction fee if not using a US Dollar account)
Payment method: PayPal
Voting codes will be input by ithebigc - you need to be a Stage48 member to view the link provided.
Deadline: 28th April 2014 1PM JST

2) Mayuyu’s International voting projects
Price: ~8 USD/vote
These people will collect money from fans in various countries to buy votes en masse. You can transfer money to local representatives and other payment methods may be available besides PayPal:

Malaysia + Singapore + Other countries :
Fundraising to buy votes for Mayuyu through auctions
Contact Person: RonLim (Stage48 and FB group)
Deadline: 29th April 2014 MYT (Malaysian Time)

Collecting money to buy Mayuyu’s votes
Contact Person: @takatophilip (Twitter)
Deadline: 27th April 2014 12:00PM JST

Collecting money to buy Mayuyu’s votes from ithebigc (see #1)
Contact Person: @shin_baka (Twitter)
Deadline: ~27th April 2014

3) ithebigc’s Shop – Sousenkyo Promotion:
Price: 10 USD/vote
+ For every $10 you spend on goodies (photos, towels, etc), ithebigc will add 1 more vote to Mayuyu (or other girl of your choice. See his post for more details - need to be a Stage48 member)
Payment method: PayPal
Voting codes will be input by ithebigc
Deadline: 28th April 2014 1PM JST

No matter which method you use, ultimately at the end of the day it is supporting Mayuyu that matters - every vote counts and we would like Mayu to get as many votes as possible this year and rank as high as possible.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vote for Mayu Watanabe

Vote for Mayu Watanabe

REVOLUTION of MAYUYU "The time has come"

ithebigc, a Stage48 Moderator, is selling codes for USD8 each (details at

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy 20th Birthday, Mayuyu!

Happy 20th Birthday, Mayuyu!